Finally found a mug the size of my tea addiction. 

I am a 23 year old student and, technically, a published author. Granted, I am more obscure than a black cat at nighttime in regard to both these pursuits - but there's freedom in anonymity and black cats are magical, so why complain?

When not chasing overseas opportunities, I live in Australia and study literature and languages. Me starting this blog is potentially a sign of mutation into a pretentious-coffee-drinking, opinion-touting, quotation-spouting literature undergraduate being near completion. A worrying thought. 

I look forward to writing about personal experiences as well as broader issues which interest me. I'm also considering trying to build an online presence in order to complement (yes, definitely complement with an 'e') the handful of my writing which exists in print. Mostly, however, I simply look forward to taking certain pieces of writing from sitting on my hard drive, doing nothing, to sitting on this blog - also potentially in a lethargic manner. 

Finally, if you came here looking for information about a rather lovely moon presently occupied with orbiting Jupiter, you will undoubtedly be severely disappointed. I recommend leaving immediately.