I am a writer and linguist currently living in Canberra, Australia. 

I was first published in a short story anthology when I was 17. At 25, I am now a published author of short stories, non-fiction, satire, theatre, and poetry. I have written for anthologies, websites, and journals including Meanjin, Overland, Not Very Quiet, Demos, The Feminist Wire, Writer’s Edit, and Lip.

My original research into biopics recently had me named 2018 Undergraduate Awards Global Winner for the awards’ Music, Film and Theatre category. I have also spoken and performed at the National Young Writers’ Festival, Noted Festival, and the National Multicultural Festival, and my plays have been selected and performed on stage. 

I am also a co-founder of Cicerone Journal, an online journal based around the tenets of empathy and thoughtfulness, which seeks to encourage an open curiosity about the world. The journal is a platform for exploratory, new and unusual writing. The other editors and I are especially committed to supporting marginalised voices and emerging writers with a story to tell.

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